Leadership, Then and Now

I have been privileged to coach some amazing professionals over the last few years, and I am always humbled by their capacity to adapt and master new leadership approaches. Throughout our discussions, I am reminded that effective leadership strategies have evolved significantly since I was an Operations Executive 13 years ago. Financial success still remains [...]

Leadership Strengths: Not a Zero Sum Game

The most effective leaders bring depth and dimension to their leadership brands by knowing when and how to exhibit varying shades of their strongest attributes – even when those variations might seem like opposite ends of the spectrum. For instance, five mid-level managers within a company might all exhibit extremely high levels of confidence. But [...]

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The Irrelevant Resume: Promoting Your Value in a New Era

While some companies still collect them, resumes rarely indicate which candidates have the most potential. Today more than ever, companies are looking for employees with qualities that don’t typically show up on paper. How well do you communicate?  Can you truly connect with others?  Do you have the potential to be an influential leader?  Companies [...]

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Earthquakes & Emotional Intelligence: Japan’s Powerful Lessons

Like many of you, I recently watched in horror and sadness as Japan faced tremendous disaster in the forms of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown.  Initially, my focus was on the people who perished, those who were hurt, and the sheer physical devastation of the region.  Then my thoughts shifted to the precarious search and rescue missions under way, as well as the medical and financial [...]

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Your Reputation: Asset or Liability?

“Reputation” is not a line listing we can find on a corporate income statement. But honestly, it should be.  Instead it’s lurking in there, living pervasively below the surface of the carefully calculated revenues and expenses. And yet, the accountants can’t assign a specific number to it.  Think about that for a moment.  Companies can leverage [...]

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What’s your Richter Scale Reading for Risk?

Please join me in welcoming a new guest blogger, Jane Perdue, CEO of Braithwaite Innovation Group. Throughout her corporate and entrepreneurial careers, Jane has created numerous leadership development programs, some exclusively for women, and has coached hundreds of business leaders to use their heads to manage and their hearts to lead. I'm honored to have Jane share her thought provoking take on leadership, influence, [...]

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Your Personal Brand 2.0 — Spread the Word!

When technology evolves, we hear about it with great fanfare.  The latest iPhone.  The newest Kindle.  The next generation of 3D TV.  We’re bombarded with commercials that tell us about exciting product changes in vivid, you-absolutely-can’t-live-without-it detail.  And why not share the news?  It works!  Just hearing about enticing innovations lures many customers in, credit [...]

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Invisible Ink: Your Competitive Advantage?!

Remember playing with invisible ink as a kid?  Every respectable “spy kit” in the toy aisle had it. You could use the invisible ink pen to create a secret message on your paper, and no one else could see what you’d written.  But if someone flashed a special light across the page, your hidden message [...]

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Coping with the Cone of Uncertainty

Earl.  Fiona.  Gaston.  Yes, hurricane season is in full swing, and the lead story on every news program recently has been the weather. On each one, the certified meteorologist provides us with up-to-the-minute satellite views and sophisticated 3D models from the National Hurricane Center. It’s all very scientific.  Except, of course, for what they call [...]

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