Powerful Leadership Workshops

Whether your goal is to maximize the impact of your leaders, increase the effectiveness of client-facing employees, or boost the interpersonal and collaborative skills of your staff, our powerful leadership workshops deliver outstanding results.

Jim Russell

"Sara’s workshops helped us transform somewhat nebulous concepts into tangible actions by identifying gaps and creating real plans to close them that are both quantifiable and measurable.”

Jim Russell, Senior Vice President, Sales, Freeman

In-Person or Virtual

Sara Canaday's Highly-Engaging Leadership Sessions

Coaching Skills for Leaders

  • In-Person Program
  • Virtual Program

Designed to enable business leaders at any level to more effectively get the performance they need from both their direct reports and others.

Research shows that leaders who are skilled at coaching their teams can dramatically increase levels of employee engagement, morale and retention. Recognizing that those factors translate directly into higher productivity and profit, many companies have made it a top priority to incorporate leader-as-coach training and develop a culture that embraces this approach to create a competitive edge.

Through demonstrations, experiential exercises and actionable strategies, leaders will learn proven coaching techniques, adopt an effective coaching model and acquire time tested coaching tools.

Program's Key Concepts:

  • Using a coaching self-assessment to identify strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Understanding the power and potential of adopting a coaching approach
  • Learning a process for coaching and practicing the skills required to effectively use it
  • Improving coaching and feedback through discussion and interactive situational exercises.

Your Leadership Brand: Evaluate Your Impact, Communicate Your Value

  • In-Person Program
  • Virtual Program

Designed to help participants assess and manage their business reputations so that they can evaluate their impact and demonstrate their value above and beyond the technical and functional.

During this workshop, Sara personally guides participants through her proprietary process for gathering real-world feedback to uncover the true impact they have on others. Attendees have the opportunity to measure their business reputations using a strategic, quantifiable approach.

This unique workshop incorporates group exercises, personal assessments, and customized action plans.

Program's Key Concepts:

  • Understanding the factors that most impact how others see and perceive us
  • Assessing our business reputations as a cornerstone of building our brands (comparing ideal and actual brands; identifying hidden brand gaps)
  • Developing customized plans to close the gaps between what we intend versus how others experience us
  • Demonstrating our value above and beyond the technical and functional

Emotional Intelligence: Practical Applications with Business Impact

  • In-Person Program
  • Virtual Program

Designed to help participants recognize and strengthen their EQ, guiding them to incorporate the powerfully subtle behaviors found among the world’s most effective leaders.

In this workshop, Sara Canaday helps participants increase the self-awareness, social fluency and interpersonal skills that can significantly improve their job performance and leadership impact.

This workshop can include the acclaimed Emotional Quotient Inventory EQ-i 2.0®.

Program's Key Concepts:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of EQ and how it differentiates robust leaders from their counterparts
  • Learning how EQ can be used to improve individual, team, and organizational performance
  • Discovering actionable strategies for the EQ factors that are most linked to leadership success

Making the Crucial Shift from Manager to Leader

  • In-Person Program
  • Virtual Program

Designed to help participants make the shift from informed to influential, from doer to driver, and from manager to leader.

Whether in-person or virtual, Sara helps managers better understand and embody the attributes that can catapult them to greater performance and success. 

Using a dynamic combination of content, real-life examples, and group discussions, Sara provides participants a clear roadmap that can expand their capacity for leadership at a higher level.

Program's Key Concepts:

  • Receive a clear roadmap to expand one's capacity for leadership at a higher level
  • Achieve breakthrough performance
  • Become a next level leader – one described as strategic, innovative, influential, resilient and insightful.
  • Understand and embody the attributes that can catapult one to greater performance and success

How to Successfully Transition from Technical Professional to Manager

  • Virtual Program

All too often, professionals are asked to take on management responsibilities based on the strength of their technical skills.

The problem? True leadership requires a vastly different skillset—a shift from achieving individual goals to generating results through others.

In this transformational virtual session, Sara helps emerging managers expand their leadership impact, build high-performing teams, and incorporate the right mix of functional and interpersonal skills to meet corporate objectives.

Program's Key Concepts:

  • Helping new managers expand their leadership impact
  • Providing strategies to build high-performing teams
  • Offering guidance to meet corporate objectives by incorporating the right mix of functional and interpersonal skills

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