Whether you are moving up the corporate ladder, making your value known in your current role, or looking to expand your impact, boosting your leadership brand is the key to remaining viable and competitive.  By deliberately managing and improving your brand, you can dramatically elevate your ability to influence. To interact and collaborate. To teach and mentor. All of it comes back to making intentional choices about your leadership brand.

Program Components

During this workshop, Sara personally guides participants through her proprietary process for gathering real-world feedback to uncover the true impact they have on others. Attendees have the opportunity to measure their business reputations using a strategic, quantifiable approach. Sara then provides the tools they need to make targeted improvements to their brands, learn to demonstrate their value more effectively, and enhance their career success. This unique workshop incorporates group exercises, personal assessments, and customized action plans.

Key Concepts

  • Understanding the factors that most impact how others see and perceive us
  • Assessing our business reputations as a cornerstone of building our brands (comparing ideal and actual brands; identifying hidden brand gaps)
  • Developing customized plans to close the gaps between what we intend versus how others experience us
  • Demonstrating our value above and beyond the technical and functional