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Leadership Unchained

Defy Conventional Wisdom for Breakthrough Performance

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As the very nature of business rapidly changes, its leaders must be open to change too. Unconventional methods are no longer reserved for processes and procedures alone. To gain competitive ground, leaders have to disrupt the existing ways they think, act and lead.

Based on her ground-breaking business book, Leadership Unchained: Defy Conventional Wisdom for Breakthrough Performance, Sara reveals the conscious practices separating innovative leaders from their counterparts.

Using a dynamic combination of insights, examples and research, she outlines the new signature habits that will catapult “by the book” leaders into modern thinkers.

How to Lead in our Fast-Isn’t-Fast-Enough World

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The relentless pace of business today is taking a serious toll on all of us. We might strive to be purpose-driven, impactful and innovative, but we are often hijacked by never-ending to-do lists and constant crisis management. To better manage today’s complexities and make the shift from motion to meaning, we need a new set of strategies.

In this presentation, Sara will share a powerful and compelling wake-up call that will arm leaders with the practices they need to take back control of their time and their business impact. Blending insights, humor and actionable strategies, Sara takes audience members on a journey to:

  • Gain a fresh perspective about conventional “get-ahead” strategies
  • Adopt new ways of working that add meaning to their performance
  • Seize unexpected opportunities by shedding the chains of “business as usual”

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You—According to Them

Understand How Your Professional Reputation Impacts Your Career Success

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You’ve got the experience. You’ve got the diplomas. You know your stuff. So how can you significantly speed up your career momentum? Is there a secret to reaching your business goals faster? The most successful professionals have learned how to match their intentions with their actions and elevate their capacity to influence and impact. Expert Sara Canaday will show you exactly how to do that.

In this program, Sara shares real-world stories that illustrate the hidden gaps between what we see versus what those around us see. Blending insights, humor, and actionable strategies, Sara takes you on a journey to:

  • Gain a fresh perspective about your professional reputation
  • Identify what makes your approaches attractive (or annoying!)
  • Better manage the experiences you create when interacting with others
  • Make strong and lasting impressions by matching your intent with your impact
  • Rapidly elicit opportunities to be noticed, hired, respected and promoted

Your Leadership Brand

Evaluate Your Impact, Demonstrate Your Value

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Your leadership brand is the synthesis of several key components, including visuals, messaging, demeanor, interpersonal skills and more. When these pieces come together, they create the whole picture that the rest of the world recognizes as You.

Whether you are moving up the corporate ladder, making your value known in your current role or looking to expand your impact, boosting your brand is the key to remaining viable and competitive.

By deliberately managing and improving your brand, you can dramatically elevate your ability to impact and influence. To interact and collaborate. To coach and mentor. All of it comes back to making intentional choices about your leadership brand

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