If your organization wants to achieve breakthrough performance, the first step is raising the bar for the leaders who will be responsible for making it happen. It’s a powerful cause-and-effect relationship that is often overlooked.

Perhaps your current leaders could be described as action-oriented, dependable and driven. Certainly, these are all admirable traits and essential for success. However, those who demonstrate next-level leadership elicit a different set of adjectives—things like strategic, innovative, influential, resilient and insightful. While that might seem like a subtle shift, the potential impact on the leaders’ growth (and the bottom line) is enormous.

In this workshop, Sara helps managers better understand and embody the attributes that can catapult them to greater performance and success. Using a dynamic combination of content, real-life examples, and group discussions, Sara provides participants a clear roadmap that can expand their capacity for leadership at a higher level. Participants can immediately apply Sara’s clear, actionable strategies to make a difference for their careers and for their organizations.

“Sara Canaday was a workshop speaker for our marketing rotation program at the annual Dell Global Connect Conference. This annual event provides focused development opportunities for 25 of our high-potential Dell employees from around the globe. Sara shared her leadership expertise during a two-day workshop that got top reviews from attendees and senior management. During her presentation, Sara guided the participants through a strategic process that helped them identify any gaps, bling spots, and development challenges that could prevent them from reaching their full potential as corporate leaders. Her sessions were highly interactive, engaging and effective. Based on the successful results, we’ve now engaged Sara to provide individual coaching sessions for these candidates to better prepare these high potentials for strategic leadership roles within our organization. Sara has proven herself as a valuable leader in this area, and she has definitely been an asset to our program.”
Sue Collard, Career Development Director, Global Marketing Talent & Capabilities, Dell