Enhance your company’s success with confident, influential and inspiring leaders.

Organizations with great leaders inevitably achieve the greatest success. Make sure that your business has the advantage of current and future leaders who command respect without demanding it, motivate teams to exceed goals, convey integrity and trust, interact with others easily, and consistently represent your brand in the most positive way.

Sara Canaday has a powerful track record for helping companies accelerate their success by measurably improving the leadership skills, presence and emotional intelligence of their current and future leaders. Sara provides them with memorable strategies and tools that can be applied immediately to get results that make a real difference for the business.

Opportunities include:

  • Keynotes, breakout sessions and panel discussions
  • Corporate/academic workshops, seminars and training programs (live and online)
  • Executive coaching and consulting

Read about Sara’s results direct from her clients and colleagues:

“Sara is a tremendous asset to our company. Although she is a contractor to us, she feels like a part of our team. She learned the culture and value of our company and models her services as if she were on our executive staff. She provides well rounded services including career coaching, business consulting, and leadership training. Her style is a great balance between the science and passion of leadership where she understands the diversity of management and bridges those differences with productive and insightful training and coaching. Her well rounded career offers ‘real life’ scenarios that take the ethereal training into practical and useful terms. Sara is an invaluable part of our team to ensure we are focusing on the right goals with the right people. I would highly recommend her services to any company of any size!”
Lisa Hannusch, CEO, Unimed Direct