Do your leaders and salespeople instinctively exude confidence and command respect?

The “presence” of your client-facing professionals makes a huge statement before they ever utter a word. Before the business opportunities are presented. Before the team meetings start. Before the strategic partnerships are pursued. Research proves that clients, colleagues and team members make critical evaluations—right or wrong—about a person’s competence, trustworthiness and value based on their presence: their image or visual resume, non-verbal communication, demeanor, energy level and perceived emotional intelligence.

Sara Canaday works with leaders and client-facing professionals to help them strategically improve their stature, develop a stronger presence, and increase their communication effectiveness. More specifically, Sara provides these goal-oriented professionals with tools to unleash their own brands—not some cookie-cutter image that doesn’t work for different personalities and temperaments. Even the most analytical thinkers are captivated by Sara’s uniquely quantitative approach to this qualitative facet of business success, and the results have been remarkable.

Opportunities include:

  • Leadership presence keynotes/presentations and interactive workshops
  • Corporate and academic training programs (live and online)
  • Executive and leadership coaching