Imagine the impact of your leaders if they could…

  • Move from informed to influential

  • Expand knowledge acquisition into a quest for strategic innovation

  • Shift from being a “doer” to a “driver”

  • Enhance communication to activate extraordinary engagement and commitment

Your leaders are evaluated with every move they make—whether that involves their casual conversations, their ability to facilitate change, or their skills at fostering teamwork. And while your leaders may judge their own performance based on their intentions, other people form impressions of them based on their behaviors.

Companies nationwide have partnered with Sara to help their leaders achieve success by strategically improving the way they build relationships, communicate, coach and mentor others. Sara’s unique experiences and insights allow her to address crucial topics that others tend to skim over: leadership branding, executive presence, emotional intelligence, next-level leadership skills, and scientifically proven practices for managing in the modern world.

When your leaders and high-potentials engage with Sara, they will gain new perspectives, acquire practical tools, set objectives for change, and establish action plans to accelerate their development and increase their leadership impact.

Opportunities include:

  • Leadership keynotes and interactive workshops

  • Leadership development strategies and consulting

  • Executive and leadership coaching