Who’s on Patrol in Your Office…The Regulation Expert or the Innovation Killer?

Most elementary schools select a group of upper-grade students to participate as part of the Safety Patrol. These kids get to wear special vests and are charged with making sure the smaller kids get safely across the street near the school. They can quote all the traffic regulations verbatim and are shocked when some hooligan [...]

Pace & Productivity: When Faster and More Isn’t Always Better

What's your personal workday pace and productivity? Maybe it's slow and steady or blazingly fast. For you, it's normal. And what's your capacity to learn, retain and interpret data? Would you consider it average? Or do some people think you have a photographic memory? Perhaps the bigger question is: what's normal for your team? Especially [...]

Frozen Compass? Shifting Your Route on the Road to Success

Unexpected detours are inevitable in the business world: new management, new initiatives, and new competition. So how do you handle the frequent direction changes of the workplace? I’m not talking about your ability to update goals and strategies. Think beyond that. How do you adjust your natural approach to managing, leading and interacting with your [...]

Corporate Rule-Breakers: The Reputation Ramifications

Our culture has an infatuation with brilliant rogues. These are the people who are so good at what they do, they consider themselves exempt from the workplace rules that mere mortals have to follow: punctuality, dress code, attending the company picnic. These corporate rebels make great movie characters but not-so-great team members. Their colleagues perceive [...]