Drawing from 15 years of corporate experience, Sara is a recognized expert in leadership development with bottom-line impact. That means she gets results. Tangible, dramatic, measurable results. How? Sara helps companies’ leaders and high-potential employees integrate the elusive leadership skills that research now proves are critical for corporations to succeed. Her most-requested presentation topics include strategic personal branding, next-level leadership, emotional intelligence, professional blind spots, and leadership presence.

As a keynote speaker, award winning author, and executive coach, Sara has a unique gift for connecting and communicating with her audiences to propel them from light-bulb-moment insight to strategic change. Moving far beyond the business-school basics, she helps people identify the barriers that are preventing them from taking their careers—and their companies—to the next level. Better yet, she provides them with specific strategies to remove those barriers and achieve success on a much higher level.

Sara Canaday is recognized as a pioneering thought leader in her industry and throughout the corporate world. Her primary areas of expertise include:

Professional Blind Spots

Sara is known for her uncanny ability to help people uncover the hidden obstacles that are limiting their job performance and their careers. No matter how smart they are, some people just don’t recognize the subtle behaviors or unconscious habits that are holding them back. Through her compelling presentations and her latest book, Sara explores these professional blind spots in a way that allows her audiences to look at their career trajectories with surprisingly fresh clarity and renewed purpose.

Strategic Personal Branding

While some people might think about “personal branding” as a soft, somewhat-vague concept, Sara shifts that notion and turns it completely upside down. Applying a unique and quantifiable process, she helps professionals across the country analyze, measure and refine their brands in a way that increases their own personal market value (as well as the bottom-line benefits they bring to their employers). Sara shares the secrets of this highly acclaimed approach in a variety of different formats, including engaging keynotes, interactive workshops, and even a popular self-paced workbook.

Next-Level Leadership

Companies nationwide have discovered that Sara is an extremely valuable resource as they work to groom their high-potential employees for leadership positions and optimal success. In fact, many corporate clients give Sara rave reviews and call on her regularly to work with their leadership programs and rotation groups. Integrating her proven techniques to accelerate leadership development, Sara delivers high-impact sessions that help organizations maximize the value of their talent.

Emotional Intelligence

During her years in corporate America, Sara repeatedly saw that awe-inspiring resumes and superior intelligence weren’t the best predictors of career success. Instead, the people who advanced most rapidly demonstrated exceptional emotional intelligence (EQ) – the ability to communicate, collaborate and connect with others. Sara has a real passion for helping people incorporate these traditionally undervalued “intangible” skills, and she was certified in 2007 as an EQ assessment specialist. In her powerful presentations, Sara not only explains EQ in vivid detail but also teaches her audiences exactly how to adopt the new behaviors that can get them hired, admired and promoted.