December 15


Your Personal Brand 2.0 — Spread the Word!

By Sara Canaday

December 15, 2010

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sara canaday spread the wordWhen technology evolves, we hear about it with great fanfare.  The latest iPhone.  The newest Kindle.  The next generation of 3D TV.  We’re bombarded with commercials that tell us about exciting product changes in vivid, you-absolutely-can’t-live-without-it detail.  And why not share the news?  It works!  Just hearing about enticing innovations lures many customers in, credit cards in hand.

But what about the evolution of your personal brand?  Chances are, your expertise or area of interest has probably shifted in the last year.  Maybe you have new skills, a new focus, or a new direction for the future.  How will your customers and colleagues know about your own “product advances” unless you tell them?  I’m not at all suggesting some type of boastful, over-the-top announcement, but a sincere update that keeps your personal brand current, relevant and top-of-mind with the people who matter.

Before the year ends, take time to evaluate and re-energize your individual value proposition.  What unique advantages do you have to offer when working with a company, a manager or a team?  What’s new or different?  Then communicate those changes (big or small) to those who could benefit from knowing — and potentially bring the benefit back to you.  Updating your personal brand with a little fanfare now could help you orchestrate greater success for 2011.

In keeping with that advice, I wanted to share some of the latest news about my business. The Austin-area presenters’ group I founded earlier this year has now been officially chartered as a chapter with the National Speakers Association. I am continuing to share my message about the importance of intangible leadership skills through keynote speeches and workshops for a wide range of organizations, including Dell, Applied Materials, Deloitte, Ronald McDonald House, Caritas and several MBA groups.  I’m wrapping up a two-year consulting engagement with a mid-sized company, and it has been extremely gratifying to see real progress in areas where I helped the organization close critical leadership gaps to improve performance. I am also currently writing a do-it-yourself coaching guide to help individuals identify and eliminate the professional blind spots holding them back from reaching their full potential. The book is scheduled for release in mid-2011.  Exciting things are on the horizon for the coming year!


As we prepare to bid goodbye to 2010, I’d like to send all of you my best wishes for a healthy, happy holiday season and a highly prosperous new year.


Sara Canaday

About the author

Sara began her journey working full-time while she earned an MBA. As she climbed the ladder of corporate America, she repeatedly observed a surprising phenomenon: the most successful people weren’t necessarily the ones with the highest IQ or best job skills. She recognized instead that career advancement was much more closely linked with how people applied their knowledge and talents — their capacity to collaborate, communicate, and influence others.

Today, Sara is happily fulfilling that commitment as a keynote speaker, author, and executive coach. These venues have given her the opportunity to mentor and support thousands of people in diverse situations, inspiring many of them to move from insight to action with dramatic career results.

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