During this course, Sara personally guides participants through her proprietary process for gathering real-world feedback to uncover the true impact they have on others. Attendees have the opportunity to measure their business reputations using a strategic, quantifiable approach. Sara then provides the tools they need to make targeted improvements to their personal brands, learn to communicate their value more effectively, and enhance their career success. This unique workshop incorporates group strategy sessions, personal assessments, and customized action plans.

Program Components

This workshop includes online access to a proprietary Brand 360 Survey tool to gather valuable feedback from select colleagues, clients, direct reports and supervisors; a thorough Brand 360 results report with a comprehensive collection of targeted development suggestions; a gap analysis chart to visually represent the opportunities for strengthening personal brands; targeted exercises for gaining real-world clarity on a personal value proposition; and customized strategies that form the basis of a personal action plan, propelling participants toward closing the gap between their current and ideal brands.

Key Concepts

  • Exploring personal brand anchors and the impact they have on our success potential
  • Assessing our business reputations as a cornerstone of building our personal brands (comparing ideal and actual brands; identifying hidden brand gaps)
  • Developing customized plans to close the gaps in our personal brands
  • Crafting value propositions that differentiate us and help to communicate our value in today’s complex business climate