In case you haven’t heard, today is International Women’s Day—a day of celebration honoring the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world since 1911. We’re fortunate to live at a time in history when efforts like this shine a spotlight on the incredible and diverse accomplishments made by women in so many different areas and industries.

Compared with 20 years ago, the playing field for women in the business world has changed dramatically. We have opportunities and possibilities open to us that simply didn’t exist before.

As a leadership speaker and consultant, I’ve had the privilege of helping to guide so many women as they navigate the chaotic and unpredictable terrain of the corporate landscape. It hasn’t been an easy journey keeping up with our always-on, digitally disrupted world, but women have consistently proved they are up for the challenge. The proof? Organizations today are reaping the financial benefits from employing smart, talented women who contribute in amazing, innovative, and influential ways. To see their success has been both humbling and satisfying.

On this special day, I’d like to express gratitude to the women from years past who blazed this trail and inspired so many of us to pursue our full potential. And to the women in the next generation, we welcome you and look forward to keeping pace with your progressive success.