December 13


The Impact of Peer Coaching for Business Owners, Leaders, and Teams

By Sara Canaday

December 13, 2023

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Last week, I had the honor of speaking about leadership to a vibrant group of business owners. The event was hosted by a professional center that supports privately owned companies and has long championed the belief that business owners can significantly benefit from the collective wisdom of their peers.

After my presentation, I encouraged these business owners to deliberate on how the practices I suggested could be integrated into their daily work and contribute to the impact they sought to make. I asked them to discuss this topic in small groups and consider how they might apply these strategies to the real-world challenges they face. This was about more than just networking; it was an invitation to engage in a thoughtful dialogue, fostering a depth of understanding and camaraderie that only those who lead can truly share.

I got to witness firsthand the transformative power of peer coaching, as well as the forging of a strong support network.

This experience solidified a truth I’ve long championed: Peer coaching is a high-impact tool that significantly elevates performance, regardless of an organization’s size or scope. In our current climate—where business complexities are increasing daily and remote or hybrid workers often battle feelings of disconnection—peer-to-peer coaching has surfaced as a salient solution to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.

On a personal note, I have benefited many times from peer coaching throughout my career, trusting input from members of my various mastermind groups for insightful guidance. I’ve also occasionally brought in peer coaches from outside my industry as a way to shake up my own thinking. I simply can’t overstate the remarkable value of peer coaching.

Support Your Leadership Journey

To further empower today’s leaders, I’ve created a comprehensive #LinkedIn Learning course titled “Peer Coaching for Leaders, Managers, and Teams.” In this course, you’ll learn about the five pillars of successful peer coaching sessions—effective questioning, active listening, compassionate feedback, appropriate challenges, and strategic problem-solving. Beyond that, you’ll gain a helpful roadmap to help your company develop a peer coaching program or start one on your own.

Get the Benefits of Peer Coaching

Here are a few highlights and benefits of peer coaching you can expect to explore in the course:

  • Customized Support: Enjoy focused attention and real understanding from those familiar with you and your business environment.
  • Thought Expansion: Allow your peers to help you stretch and structure your thinking for greater clarity.
  • Practice for Difficult Discussions: Take advantage of a safe environment for rehearsing challenging conversations.
  • Diverse Problem-Solving: Tap into fresh perspectives and collaborative approaches that give you an edge in overcoming obstacles.
  • Accountability: Leverage a built-in mechanism for staying on track by reporting your progress regularly to your colleagues.
  • Gratification: Feel the satisfaction and fulfillment of supporting your peers and connecting with them to aid in their professional growth.

Whether you’re leading a small team or steering a global enterprise, peer coaching can be a game-changer for your career.

Have you already experienced the benefits of peer coaching? I’d love to hear about it.

Until next time,

Sara Canaday

About the author

Sara began her journey working full-time while she earned an MBA. As she climbed the ladder of corporate America, she repeatedly observed a surprising phenomenon: the most successful people weren’t necessarily the ones with the highest IQ or best job skills. She recognized instead that career advancement was much more closely linked with how people applied their knowledge and talents — their capacity to collaborate, communicate, and influence others.

Today, Sara is happily fulfilling that commitment as a keynote speaker, author, and executive coach. These venues have given her the opportunity to mentor and support thousands of people in diverse situations, inspiring many of them to move from insight to action with dramatic career results.

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