Next Level Leader Survey

Sara helps high-potential leaders embrace and embody the competencies needed for next-level leadership. 

In her keynotes and workshops, Sara focuses on 6 areas that research proves are essential for those who can guide companies to breakthrough performance. Now she wants YOUR opinion! Please rate these competencies from 1-5 based on your perception of their importance for leaders (1=lowest; 5=highest). Then use the space below to suggest any additional attributes or characteristics that you believe are mission-critical.

  • • Question and challenge assumptions to identify fresh solutions that could add value
    • Connect innovation strategies to corporate objectives
    • Pinpoint innovations with the highest potential ROI
  • • Remain calm and poised under pressure, modeling adaptability for others
    • Bring a sense of control to uncertain situations by taking positive action
    • Place challenging events in a broader context and look for new opportunities
  • • Devote time and energy to big-picture thinking and analysis
    • Establish structures and processes to keep teams in sync and on track
    • Use language that generates strategy commitment and sustained momentum
  • • Understand their stakeholders and strategically craft messages to achieve results
    • Know how to build alliances and work collaboratively to meet their goals
    • Demonstrate enthusiasm while exercising good judgment on timing of their messages
  • • Speak and present with ease and influence
    • Use diplomacy and tact, with the ability to “read” their audiences and adjust as needed
    • Project self-assurance and manage their emotional reactions
  • • Make knowledge acquisition a personal strategy
    • Use their cumulative knowledge to identify trends, risks, and opportunities
    • Have the confidence to recommend bold approaches

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