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Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers

Leaders who provide targeted, ongoing coaching to their employees can strengthen their team and add valueto their organization.

In this course, leadership expert Sara Canaday shares the differences between managing, training, and coaching, and provides managers with coaching models and skills to support the development and growth of their employees. Sara presents the business case for coaching, explores common coaching challenges, and explains how to provide feedback and set goals.

Understanding the Leadership Behaviors That Can Sabotage Your Success

If you’re a current leader in a career rut or someone who keeps getting passed over for leadership opportunities, this course can help you find the forward momentum you need. Learn how to identify the hidden roadblock—or blind spots—that are inadvertently holding you back, and discover how you can manage them to accelerate your career growth.

Join instructor Sara Canaday as she shares examples of leadership blind spots commonly found in the business world and guides you to explore the perception gaps that could be undermining your professional reputation. By applying Sara’s targeted strategies to close those gaps, you can enhance your intangible skills and quickly position yourself as someone who is poised and prepared to move to the next level as a more powerful leader.

Identify and eliminate your blind spots

If you feel like you’re doing all the right things to position yourself as a strong leader, ready for that next level, but promotions keep passing you by, you might be stuck behind a hidden career roadblock. In this course, you’ll discover the truth about what can hold leaders back. I’m referring to some subtle behaviors and habits that may be like second nature. You may not even notice them, but others do. And sometimes those actions can affect your reputation and get in the way of showing up as your best self. You’ll also learn valuable strategies to compare your intentions for impact with how others are perceiving you, and uncover the specific gaps that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. Even better, you’ll learn how to develop an action plan to close the gaps.

I’m Sara Canaday, and I’d like to welcome you to this course. I’m a leadership strategist, keynote speaker and author, and I’ve helped thousands of people just like you to integrate the elusive leadership skills that can dramatically accelerate your success. Managing your potentially self-sabotaging behaviors is the key to removing the hidden roadblocks in your career.

By applying the insights gained in my course, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you’re poised for the next level, and you’re ready to effectively lead high-performing teams. Thank you for choosing to participate in this course with me.

Let’s dive in.

Taking Charge of Your Leadership Conversations

Critical conversations require using the right approach—and the right words. This course offers practical tips and sample language for having constructive leadership conversations. Sara Canaday explains how to navigate different scenarios, such as disagreeing with coworkers, supporting unpopular decisions, and communicating bad news. In each scenario, she explains the right mindset and the right words to achieve positive results. With these strategies, you will have the skills you need to take charge of conversations and increase your impact for the moments that matter.

Specific words for tough leadership situations

I’ve coached plenty of leaders over the years who want help with effectively handling difficult conversations: sharing bad news, addressing performance problems, neutralizing a heated argument. And I’ve noticed something very interesting. When I offer suggestions on how to approach these situations and provide them with some lead-in phrases, they often stop me mid sentence and say, wait, I need to write that down.
To be clear, these are talented leaders with strong communication skills, and many of them intuitively know how to handle sticky situations, but they recognize that the biggest challenge in a critical moment is getting started. The same challenge probably applies to you. The first words you say will set the tone. They define the flavor of the interaction, how it’s received, and ultimately shape the outcome of the conversation.
I’m Sara Canaday and I’d like to welcome you to this course. As a leadership strategist, speaker, and author, I know firsthand that words matter. Instead of providing you with general advice or vague communication theories, I’ll be sharing some specific language you can use to kick off successful conversations in 10 high stakes leadership moments.
The lessons you’ll learn in this course can help you avoid being caught off guard or fumbling for the right words during a challenging interaction. You’ll receive a strategy to guide your approach along with influential phrases to help you frame productive conversations. Statements you can adjust and make your own so they feel natural, yet effective.
For reference, you’ll find a downloadable handout in the exercise file that includes a list of phrases I’ll be discussing during this course. As a current or future leader, you’ll find that having access to some proven phrases can increase your confidence and your impact, enhance your communication skills, and elevate your coaching outcomes.
Thank you for joining me to learn more about what to say, when. Let’s get started.

Leadership Blind Spots

Have you found yourself mired in a career rut, even though you’ve worked tirelessly to position yourself as a leader? If so, there may be factors that you’re unaware of that are holding you back from being seen as leadership material. In this course, learn how to identify the hidden roadblocks—or blind spots—that are holding you back, and manage them in order to accelerate your career growth.

Even if you do everything right, your success at a higher level is determined by your impact on others. How do they perceive your words, behaviors and attitudes? Are you seen as a leader or a follower? Like it or not, their perceptions define your personal market value. It’s about you, according to them.

In this program, Sara shares real-world stories that illustrate the hidden gaps between what we see versus what those around us see. Blending insights, humor, and actionable strategies, Sara takes you on a journey to:

  • Gain a fresh perspective about your professional reputation
  • Identify what makes your approaches attractive (or annoying!)
  • Better manage the experiences you create when interacting with others
  • Make strong and lasting impressions by matching your intent with your impact
  • Rapidly elicit opportunities to be noticed, hired, respected and promoted

Transition from Manager to Leader

Learn how to shift your mindset from manager to leader. Enhance your personal growth by increasing your self-awareness and emotional intelligence, expanding your strategic scope, and identifying and cultivating top talent.

Much like management, leadership is a skill that can be taught. In this course, executive coach Sara Canaday shares proven strategies to help you shift your mindset from manager to leader. To begin, you’ll learn how to enhance your personal growth by practicing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, developing an executive presence, and becoming a thought leader. Next you’ll learn how to expand your perspective from local to global, innovate by viewing challenges with a fresh lens, and improve your decision-making skills. Lastly, you’ll learn how to cultivate and nurture a stellar team: attract top talent, inspire your team with broad-based support, and explore tactics for creating rapport and building meaningful relationships. Each chapter of this course is coupled with a coaching story that shows you how to apply these concepts to real-world situations.

Transitioning from Technical Professional to Manager

All too often, professionals are given the opportunity to take on management responsibilities based on the strength of their technical skills. Managerial roles, however, depend on achieving results through others—which requires a significantly different skill set.

In this course, leadership coach Sara Canaday helps you incorporate the right mix of functional and interpersonal skills to meet corporate objectives, build a high-performing team, and expand your impact as a leader. Sara shares how to make the shift to management by gaining insights on your leadership strengths and weaknesses while expanding your perspective to focus on team results. Her key topics include self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication skills, relationship building, and group motivation.

Counterintuitive Leadership Strategies for a VUCA Environment

Learn how to use counterintuitive leadership strategies to meet the demands of a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment that is digitally overwhelmed and moving at an unprecedented pace.

In this course, leadership expert Sara Canaday teaches the value of moving beyond your attachment to the practices and habits that may no longer be serving you. Discover new methods that you can put to use immediately to make your work more meaningful and manageable.

57m 49s

Organizational Culture

An organization’s culture is evidenced in its values, policies, attitudes, structures, and beliefs. It is a tangible asset that impacts morale and company performance, and it can be built, nurtured, and changed.

In this course, leadership speaker and consultant Sara Canaday defines organizational culture and explores the different types of cultures prevalent today. She provides clear strategies for young companies to develop a healthy culture from the beginning. For established, merged, or stagnant companies, Sara introduces tools and practices required to successfully assess, refine, and change an existing culture. Plus, she highlights the leader’s pivotal role in shaping and managing culture.

Balancing Multiple Roles as a Leader

As a leader, you’re expected to do more than just manage people. Your employees and colleagues look to you as a subject matter expert, a coach, an agent of change, and more.

In this course, leadership expert Sara Canaday dives into the different roles leaders play—from manager to motivator—and shares strategies that can help you effectively balance them for greater success. Discover how to assess what each of your leadership roles require and move seamlessly between each one.

36m 38s

Managing New Managers

Managing new leaders comes with a unique set of challenges. Even the most outstanding individual contributor can struggle as they unpack their new role and tackle their increased responsibilities. In this course, learn how to support and inspire new leaders as they make this critical transition.

Leadership expert Sara Canaday shows how to identify the unique perspectives and challenges of your new managers, set the expectations for their transition, provide coaching and support, and cultivate the right conditions to help them succeed.

Managing Experienced Managers

Learn how to effectively manage experienced leaders by approaching them with the proper balance of authority and autonomy.

Leadership expert Sara Canaday provides a guide to help you understand their mindset, set your expectations, and provide the appropriate support in order to reinforce positive behaviors, break bad habits, and learn from their wisdom. Because they are experienced, the goal is to create a partnership atmosphere that shows respect for their previous achievements.

Managing High Performers

Managing high performers gives you an opportunity to pave the way for some of your organization’s strongest talent. By strategically helping these professionals grow and expand their responsibilities, you can have a significant impact on the future of your organization.

In this course, leadership expert Sara Canaday equips you with innovative strategies for successfully managing—and retaining—your most exceptional employees. Sara familiarizes you with the mindset and motivations of high performers, so that you can use this knowledge to meet their expectations and provide them with the appropriate level of support and development.

Managing High Potentials

Managing high potentials gives you an opportunity to pave the way for some of your organization’s strongest talent. High potentials are employees who are most likely to be promoted to—and succeed in—leadership roles.

By strategically helping these professionals to grow and expand their responsibilities, you can have a significant impact on the future or your organization. Leadership expert Sara Canaday helps you understand the mindset and motivations of high potentials so you can meet their expectations and provide them with the appropriate level of support and development.

Managing Experts

Subject matter experts (SMEs) are valuable players on any team, but managing individuals who know more than you do about a particular subject can be challenging. In this course, learn how to identify the mindset and specific needs of the experts on your team, so that you can meet their expectations and provide them with the support they need to grow and excel.

Join leadership expert Sara Canaday as she shares management strategies that can help you understand the common challenges among SMEs and set goals deemed worthy of your experts’ time and full attention. Plus, she discusses how to provide your SMEs with the development tools they need to refine their knowledge and keep their skills current.

Managing Technical Professionals

Having the right technical talent is the key to competitive edge. Companies rely on technical professionals such as IT experts, developers, engineers, and data scientists to produce products and services, analyze information, and effectively communicate with vendors and customers. Knowing how to manage and motivate these technical professionals is critical for business success.

In this course, Sara Canaday identifies the unique characteristics and working styles of technical professionals and the coaching strategies needed to inspire your talent for greater results.

360-Degree Feedback

An organization’s talent is vital to its success. As a result, it’s crucial that companies provide their employees with the support they need to grow professionally. When managers and HR professionals ensure that their employees receive meaningful feedback from a variety of sources, they can help to spark positive change within their organization.

In this course, learn the value of 360-degree feedback, and how to select and use a reliable 360-degree instrument in order to get reliable information on the behaviors and performance of your employees. Leadership expert Sara Canaday explains how to implement a feedback program, shares best practices in feedback delivery, shows how to help your team members make the most of the feedback they receive, and more.

Virtual Programs

Engaging virtual presentations available for audiences of any size.

Virtual Programs

Engaging virtual presentations available for audiences of any size.