Yesterday LinkedIn released the latest version of its Annual Top Companies List, highlighting the organizations where professionals most want to work.

As I read through the information, I was struck by a key commonality across each of the honorees. They are all boundary-stretching, envelope-pushing, fresh-thinking companies.

Not just innovative, but innovative on steroids.

We can all learn something from that. Being innovative shouldn’t simply be about adding creativity to our products and services. These companies prove that success stems from innovation that infiltrates every process and procedure, every strategy and execution. It forms the foundation for how they attract and retain top employees. How they treat people. How they interact with customers and vendors. How they think and what they do.

Innovation is like the air they breathe. And that’s why people are clamoring to work there.

For companies that strive to make next year’s list and the professionals who want to lead them, that’s the big take-away. Innovation on a bigger, broader scale that paints every aspect of the organization is the common denominator for success.


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What does it mean to be an innovative leader?” (6/8/15)