A Unique Professional Advancement Course
From Leadership & Professional Branding Strategist Sara Canaday

Information & Pricing for Corporate Groups

To strengthen your organization’s teams for better performance and effectively prepare your high potentials for emerging leadership opportunities, take advantage of the unique, on-demand training program from Leadership Expert Sara Canaday. Now, extending the reach of her live presentations and popular workshops, Sara has developed a unique, online course to share her process for career acceleration with impact at the corporate level. Specifically, she uses a strategic, quantifiable approach that gives employees concrete tools to help them clarify their personal leadership brands in a way that can measurably elevate the value of their organizations.

The Career Acceleration Virtual Training Series is an outstanding solution to meet your company’s professional development needs:

  • Highly effective format combines personal instructor contact with individual, online learning and customized colleague feedback using a proprietary Brand 360 Survey
  • Convenient online platform eases pressures with 24/7 availability for time-crunched employees at multiple sites or global offices
  • Cost-efficient program eliminates travel and meeting space costs
  • Attractive group discounts further extend the value
“I had the opportunity to hear Sara speak at the MBA Women International Leadership Conference last year. I truly identified with her presentation. I realized if I wanted to advance to the next level, I would have to take a hard look at myself to determine my blind spots. Shortly after, the option to enroll in the Career Acceleration Academy arose and I seized the opportunity. Through her course, I have dramatically increased my leadership presence, identified my strengths and have acquired the tools to close the professional blind spots. In addition, I learned to practice more perspective-taking, think more global in scale and have written concrete career and development goals. Given the chance again, I would absolutely enroll in this course! It is a wonderful program for both personal and professional development.”
Kristi Duvall, Sales Coach, The BoxMaker

The Career Acceleration Virtual Training Series from Sara Canaday can give your company an important strategic advantage, boosting the impact of your current and future leaders with a streamlined, affordable solution for leadership training. For information about offering this online course to your employees with exclusive corporate discounts, please email Sara Canaday or call (512) 343-7991.

Ideal Participants

This Career Acceleration Virtual Training Series provides significant value for employees at all levels, including:

  • Those who may perform well but need guidance to become more effective working with colleagues, staff members and senior executives
  • Those who stand out as high potentials and could benefit from learning better strategies to influence others and sell their ideas
  • Those who seem to be stalled in their careers but could participate well at a higher level by identifying and eliminating their professional blind spots
  • Those who hold key positions but need to better understand their impact on others, emphasizing their strengths and diminishing their weaknesses
  • Those who have valuable expertise but struggle to share that knowledge because they aren’t communicating and collaborating in an optimal way
  • Those who have been targeted as emerging leaders, helping them to improve their overall emotional intelligence profile for greater success

Program Components

The Career Acceleration Virtual Training Series includes the following:

  • Four training sessions that outline Sara’s proven leadership branding process
  • Two, high-energy LIVE community calls where participants come to connect, celebrate their progress, and ask Sara questions about the process of developing their leadership effectiveness
  • The proprietary Brand 360 Survey that allows participants to gather valuable performance feedback from select colleagues of their choice
  • One, private 60-minute coaching session with Leadership Expert Sara Canaday(optional)
  • Step-by-step guidance to help participants gain a clear understanding of the detailed results from their assessment and survey, including a gap analysis chart created specifically for their leadership brands
  • Identification of key areas that provide the most leverage for accelerating participants’ careers, based on the perceptions of their strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Targeted exercises for gaining real-world clarity on a personal value proposition, including brand differentiators and brand framework
  • Customized strategies that form the basis of a personal action plan, propelling participants toward closing the gaps between their current and ideal brands
  • Recommendations to help participants achieve optimal positioning for their leadership brands
  • Answers to any questions about leadership branding, messaging and positioning
  • Additional resources to help further elevate participants’ leadership brands and provide increased momentum for them to reach corporate goals


“Sara’s Career Acceleration program is perfect for anyone desiring to clearly and succinctly define their competitive advantage. Her program is thorough and easy to follow, enabling you to work through the process in a short time. It provides insight that can help you position yourself for a promotion in your current role or if you are looking to advance externally.”
Elizabeth Pires, Director, Global eCommerce

Session One:

Professional Brand Awareness: Your New Competitive Advantage
  • Examine the brand components that impact your career success
  • Understand the professional brand anchors that most accelerate or derail a leader’s career

Session Two:

“You—According to You” vs. “You—According to Them”
  • Identify your ideal brand attributes and differentiators
  • Assess your impact using the brand survey results
  • Discover your brand gaps as depicted in the gap analysis graph

Session Three:

Strategies for Closing the Gaps on Your Brand Disconnects
  • Learn gap-closing strategies related to each of the three success anchors
  • Develop a personalized action plan to close the gap between your ideal and your actual brand

Session Four:

How to Communicate Your Value
  • Craft and refine your personal value proposition using your outstanding brand attributes as a foundation
  • Explore specific strategies to fulfill your value proposition

Session Five:

Taking the New You into Your Work and Life
  • Effectively communicate, align, and broadcast your professional leadership brand to the right audience
  • Sustain your brand for maximum impact
The Career Acceleration Virtual Training Series includes an orientation, four training sessions, two LIVE community calls, a graduation segment, and the option for one individual coaching session with Instructor Sara Canaday. Each training session (or module) includes a video lesson and targeted exercises. Between sessions, participants will have homework assignments, plus opportunities to interact with the instructor and ask questions during the LIVE community calls. Attendees will also use the results from a Brand Self-Assessment and a Brand 360 Survey to develop their personalized strategies and action plans.

When each person registers for the course, they will receive an email with personal log-in credentials for the Career Acceleration Academy. Once they access the site and click on the Career Acceleration Virtual Training Series, they will find complete instructions, video lessons, handouts and exercises (downloadable PDFs), additional tools, and dates/times for the LIVE community calls with Sara Canaday. The site will also include a list of Action Steps to guide them through the course, as well as a Progression Checklist to mark off as they complete each item. Once they have checked off all of the items in one training session module, the next module will become available.

The entire course is designed to be completed over an eight-week period, but participants can always work at their own pace(within the timing guidelines you impose for your group). They will have access to the online materials for six months. If you choose to include one-on-one coaching sessions in your training package, participants can schedule those within two months of completing the final module.

The Career Acceleration Virtual Training Series is available with special discounts for corporations, non-profit organizations and trade groups:

Group rate for 20-49 participants
$349 per person
$599 per person (including one hour of individual coaching)

Group rate for 50+ participants
Please email Sara for specific details or call (512) 343-7991.