sara canaday choosing-a-right-career· Hone your relationship skills. The way we interact with others has a direct impact on our ability to influence behavior, ultimately impacting results…for them, for us, and for the business.

· Stand out by fitting in. Learn the rules of engagement and “play the game” to win. Save the renegade approach for solutions, products and ideas, not behavior.

· Practice agility and embrace uncertainty. Even if it runs counter to your methodical and systematic profile, play the role of ninja leader–the one who can change on a dime, redirect plans and push through regardless of setbacks or unexpected challenges.

· Pay close attention to your personal brand. That’s right, you have one. Not sure what your brand is? It’s been largely defined by the people working around you. They have formulated their perceptions of your brand based on all of the experiences you’ve given them to do so. Think about the way they would describe your skills and talents, as well as your ability to lead, communicate and interact with others. If that honest assessment doesn’t match the way you’d ideally like to be perceived by your colleagues, make some changes to close any gaps. Enhancing the perceptions of your personal brand can make a huge difference in enhancing your value to an employer.

· Prepare to communicate your value proposition. Today, it is no longer about competing, but rather about differentiating. Sure, you might have an impressive list of credentials, advanced degrees and experience. But if you can’t articulate your value in a way that helps others to clearly see the benefits of working with you, the lengthy resume won’t matter. Show people that having you on their team will help them to “win.”