Sara’s audiences walk away with information and strategies that they can put to work immediately. Improving their business relationships, personal brandsleadership skills, and ability to move to the next level of success.

Her most popular presentations include:

You’ve got the experience. You’ve got the diplomas. You know your stuff. So how can you significantly speed up your career momentum? Is there a secret to reaching your business goals faster? Leadership Expert Sara Canaday will show you exactly how to kick your career into high gear. Not next month or next year, but immediately. Starting now!

Even if you do everything right, your success at a higher level is determined by your impact on others. How do they perceive your words, behaviors and attitudes? Are you seen as a leader or a follower? Like it or not, their perceptions define your personal market value. It’s about you, according to them.

In this program, Sara shares real-world stories that illustrate the hidden gaps between what we see versus what those around us see. Blending insights, humor, and actionable strategies, Sara takes you on a journey to:

  • Gain a fresh perspective about your professional reputation
  • Identify what makes your approaches attractive (or annoying!)
  • Better manage the experiences you create when interacting with others
  • Make strong and lasting impressions by matching your intent with your impact
  • Rapidly elicit opportunities to be noticed, hired, respected and promoted

Powerful Habits that Give Rise to Leadership Presence

Without saying a word, great leaders command attention when they walk into a room. They inspire confidence, put people at ease, and connect in a way that makes others want to listen to them, support them, and follow them. In this keynote, Career Strategist Sara Canaday will share the secrets to help you capture that kind of leadership presence—and dramatically accelerate your career.

If you’re skeptical about this “elusive aura of success,” Sara will convince you with powerful proof: rock-solid science and mind-blowing examples. Even better, you’ll walk away with a roadmap to guide you in boosting your own leadership presence. You’ll discover the subtle qualities that can make a huge difference in your career, and you’ll know exactly how to incorporate them.

Sara creatively uses a dynamic, interactive format to help you:

  • Adopt the habits and behaviors that can expand your capacity for leadership at a higher level
  • Learn how to successfully manage your image, demeanor, and non-verbal communication to generate immediate, tangible benefits
  • Project wisdom, professionalism and thought leadership with consistency and precision
  • Present yourself in a way that positively influences decision-making and supports your business goals

How to Leverage Your Competitive Advantage

Want to move up and get ahead? So does everyone else. Career Expert Sara Canaday will share the proven strategies you need to successfully sell your best brand: YOU!

By understanding, refining and promoting your personal brand, you’ll gain a remarkable competitive edge. That’s a major jumpstart when it comes to getting the promotion, making your mark on the industry, or positioning yourself for next-level leadership.

Once you learn to harness the power of your unique brand, you’ll substantially change your career trajectory. People will line up to hire you, work with you, and promote you. In other words, your personal market value will skyrocket.

In this keynote, Sara will explain how to:

  • Gather real-time feedback about your current brand’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Gain clarity about your business reputation as a cornerstone to build your personal market value
  • Make targeted brand improvements to ensure that your intention matches your impact
  • Craft a value proposition that clearly broadcasts your brand and differentiates you in a highly competitive, endlessly distracted world
  • Catapult yourself toward greater performance and success

Without a strategic evolution, today’s great leaders may not be fully equipped to lead successfully in the years ahead. The technology fueled, globally competitive, constantly changing landscape of 21st Century business is highly complex—and changing every day. Do you have what it takes to lead at the next level in the decades to come?

In this program, Sara reveals the nuances that separate truly innovative leaders and position them as influential, charismatic agents of change and drivers of future success. She defines the attributes that catapult them to achieve greater performance and give them the resilience to handle whatever new challenges lie ahead. Using a dynamic combination of content and stories, Sara gives participants a clear roadmap to integrate these attributes and expand their capacity for leadership excellence.

Participants will learn about:

  • The power of letting go: realizing that the tendency to rely on your own experiences and ingrained habits could be holding you back.
  • The power of relentless curiosity: constantly seeking new ideas, perspectives, and connections.
  • The power of driving change: making an impact through personal influence, despite the challenges of calculated risks and unknown variables.

If you’ve advanced to a leadership position (or that’s your immediate goal), you’ve probably been recognized for your business skills. Now what?

Organizations today have limited budgets for training, and you have limited time. But don’t let that prevent you from reaching your full potential. You can take charge of your own leadership development! The key to increasing your value without overloading your calendar is to be strategic about your learning. Laser-focus your development to improve the skills that will really make a difference in your career.

In this session, Sara will share details about ways to accelerate your success by customizing your own leadership development plan:

  • Discover any skill deficits and target those areas for learning.
  • Identify any undervalued attributes that could be leveraged for greater impact.
  • Take advantage of diverse resources, including 360 assessments, experiential learning, high-potential programs, rotation assignments, and individual coaching.
“It was truly wonderful having Sara as our keynote speaker in New York for the 2014 Multicultural Women’s National Conference sponsored by Working Mother Media. Her message was chock-full of tips and insights that were perfect for our audience, and the response was outstanding. Sara really helped to set the tone for the whole conference.”
Janet Wigfield, Vice President & Executive Director, Conferences & Events, Working Mother Media

For these topics (and others within her area of expertise), Sara can customize presentations specifically for your audience. She can also deliver her valuable messages in a wide range of formats – from a 20-minute keynote for 1,000 conference attendees to a three-day, hands-on workshop for 15 people.

Available For:

  • Keynotes
  • General & Breakout Sessions
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Panel Discussions
  • Corporate & Academic Training Programs
    (Professional development courses for Rotation Groups, Affinity Groups, Women’s Groups, MBA Students, etc.)
  • Executive Coaching & Consulting