Your personal brand is the synthesis of several key components – including visuals, messaging, demeanor, non-verbal communication, and more.  When these pieces come together, they create the whole picture that the rest of the world recognizes as You.

Personal branding is more than self-promotion.  And though the world of social media and Web 2.0 have taken personal branding to a whole new playing field, the underlying principles of this popular concept still apply.  Whether you are moving up the corporate ladder, stepping out on your own, making your value known at an existing job, or trying to find a new one, boosting your brand is the key to remaining viable and competitive.

For years, Sara has been helping professionals project and effectively communicate their value propositions.  She works with individuals and groups, helping them create, rebuild, and boost their personal brands.

“We could no longer deny the importance of personal branding. Our company invests significantly in the development and maintenance of our corporate brand. We needed to address the gaps in our personal brands as well. Sara’s workshop helped us transform a somewhat nebulous concept into tangible actions by identifying gaps and creating real plans to close them that are both quantifiable and measurable.”
Jim Russell, Senior Vice President, Sales, Freeman